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Self catering in North Wales
Self catering in North Wales


In 2000 we moved back to North Wales after having studied and worked in Cardiff. Our first property was in Pant Glas, and after two years renovating it we decided to take the plunge and try to find a smallholding. Fortunately Nia spotted Glanyrafon for sale, and although there was a lot of work to be done - we both fell in love with the place.

The first step was to clear the land, and over years we (and a few contractors) shifted thousands of tonnes of rocks from the fields. Half of the land near the Moonstone van wasn't there before and was built up using the boulders.

There was also a lot of clearing to be done around the house - where the previous owners had kept many tropical birds in large cages in the surrounding gardens. these all needed to be dismantled and many angle grinding discs later the place was clear. 

The dilapidated outbuildings were next, so a new stable/barn was built and also a field shelter.

Once all the animals were sorted, we started work on the static caravans, which of course were also in a terrible state. Their electricity was supplied via an extension cable plugged into the socket in the living room, and gas connected via a garden hosepipe (of course with some tape to cover the holes!).

Once the old vans had been dismantled we landscaped the areas around them, levelling the ground, and putting up fences and a wall opposite the house. 

Finally we put new vans in, and welcomed our first guests. Since then we have not looked back - and always feel honoured that we have been able to provide great holidays for so many people over the years. When people compliment us on the area, or scenery it reminds us how fortunate we are to live in such a wonderful setting. 

Even though it's been a struggle to develop and then manage Glanyrafon at times, we wouldn't change a thing and hope you find the place as special as we do.

Andrew & Nia

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