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Arrivals Guide

 We always like to try and greet out guests when they arrive, and give a quick tour of the vans answering any questions they might have, however sometimes this is not always possible - with that in mind we have written this quick guide to help get settled in...

  1. Heating - To light the gas heater simply push and turn the knob, then keeping it held down, light the middle bottom using the lighter provided. Once there is a flame there you can adjust the temperature. 

  2. Wifi - In the Moonstone van there is free wifi. It is an open network (on TP LINK).

  3. Electric - There is a meter in the main bedroom wardrobe - however the drawer is open so it does not cost anything - simply re-insert the pound coin from the drawer if needed.

  4. Parking - There is a large space to park between the vans, we kindly ask that you park close to the fence/wall near your van to allow access to the field and ample turning space.

  5. Waste - There are recycling bins provided near the parking space. For household waste please ensure you use the black bin bags provided and put this in the brown bin near the house. 

  6. Horses - Please do not feed the horses without asking us first as the wrong kind of food can be harmful.

  7. Bulbs / Breakages - After each change-over we obviously clean the vans thoroughly - however if bulbs run out, or there are any breakages please let us know immediately and we will do our best to resolve the problem / replace items as quickly as possible.

  8. Change-overs - Please vacate the van before 10.00am on the morning you are due to leave, this allows us time to clean the vans before the next guests arrive.

  9. AOB - Our phone number is 07870691819 if you have any questions/need to get in touch. There are also other useful contacts in the visitors book at the back in case of emergencies (doctors/garage etc.)

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